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For Teens

At Train 2 Reign we believe the next generation is a valuable place to sow our seeds of time, talent and treasure. Students who discover their purpose at an early age have an advantage in their career choices and are better prepared for the job market. Our goal at T2R is to help students not only discover their purpose, but to map a plan for living it out. We have a number of avenues available to students including the Design Your Life classes, mentorship, Maxwell DISC Profile Assessments, connections with successful businesses, summer internships, our quarterly leadership Summit and much more.

For Teens

Testimonial - Aidenn Hamlin

Aidenn Hamlin found out about our Train 2 Reign class from his mom, one of the Career Transition Counselors at Estacada High School, and he definitely wanted to attend. Right from the start Aidenn was fully engaged, even inviting friends to experience what he was learning every week. He especially grabbed hold of the practical parts of the class involving career planning and character in the workplace. 

Aidenn has been able to funnel his love for construction and car mechanics into a career trajectory, beginning with graduating from high school early. He sought out Jason Roeder as a mentor and has completed the Maxwell DISC Profile which helped him understand himself and how to better work with others. He has already identified Locke Buildings as a business with the culture he would love to work in.

Recently, Aidenn signed up to attend a Mastermind Growth Group with his mom. They are studying the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell and he is holding his own during discussions in a room full of much older adults. Aidenn is a firstfruit of the seeds we are sowing through Train 2 Reign. 

Since this posting Aidenn has been hired by a local business and has begun his career training.

For Teens

Sponsor a Youth

If you would like to sow seed into a student, here’s how you can make a difference. You will be providing hope and a path for a student’s future by sponsoring a semester or an entire school year of Design Your Life classes.

Give a One-time Gift

We invite you to invest in the next generation with us with a one-time gift of any amount. Every penny helps.

Sponsor A Semester

$350 provides one student with a semester of training in the classroom, field trips, Maxwell DISC Profile assessment including personal coaching sessions, and a warm lunch during our meetings each week.

Sponsor a Full Year

$700 will provide one student with everything mentioned in the "Sponsor A Semester" for an entire school year.

For Teens

Design Your Life

Currently, our program for students includes the Design Your Life class on Fridays at our training center with students from the high school. We have teaching, discussion and a hot lunch together every week. Periodically throughout the semester the students gain field experience on job sites with real businesses doing work in the real world. And at least once each semester we have field trips to local businesses connecting students with companies for potential jobs and/or summer internships.

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Career Coaching

In addition to group teaching and discussions during our Design Your Life classes, the students can request to be mentored/coached. Our desire is to connect students with mentors in their chosen fields to give them a taste of the career before they plot a trajectory in a particular direction. We have mentors and coaches available to strengthen character, to help them discover their purpose, to help map career plans and to move the students toward a pathway of growth and success.