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Invest to
Transform Lives

Train 2 Reign believes in the power of transformation, and your kindness can make it happen. Your contribution is not just a donation. Your generosity is an investment in changing lives, restoring hope, and strengthening communities. With your support, T2R can continue the vital work in training the next generation, help those in addiction recovery successfully transition back to the workplace, business mentoring, entrepreneurship support, and marketplace ministry.

ways to give


Make a one-time contribution for an immediate impact.

Sponsor a Youth

$200 provides customized training, educational field trips, and healthy lunches for one student for a whole month. Your opportunity to sponsor a youth to make a life-changing impact.


Join our community of monthly donors and provide sustained support for every program.

Why Donate?

Your Donation Helps!

  • Support Programs: Your contribution directly funds the training of youth, business mentoring sessions, entrepreneurship support initiatives, and marketplace ministry efforts.
  • Provide Resources: Your donation enables T2R to provide essential resources such as coaching, educational materials, and business networking opportunities to those served.
  • Impact Communities: Your support ripples through communities, fostering personal growth, economic development, and spiritual enrichment.