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From a vision to help people grow personally and spiritually, to a summer internship to a current weekly class for students called "Design Your Life." T2R is educating and inspiring the next generation.

TRAIN 2 Reign

Who we are
and where we began

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Steve Locke has been running a business of some kind since he was 10 years old. From landscaping and vending machines to restaurants and general contracting, he has been leading teams for decades.

His current company, Locke Buildings has been in business for 26 years in the Pacific Northwest, grossing tens of millions of dollars annually. Steve has a conviction that everyday people working everyday jobs are highly effective influencers for sharing the goodness of God.

His desire to empower these everyday people prompted the development of Train 2 Reign, with a heart to help people discover their purpose, navigate challenges and reign in life as Christ Jesus (Rom 5:17).

Steve, along with Jason, who is a leadership trainer and culture creator for Locke Buildings, dreamed of a way to pour strength into the community around them. Their desire was not only to support colleagues currently in the business world, but to train young people from the ground up.

Their dreams became brainstorming sessions, times of prayer and eventually the strategy and resources for Train 2 Reign emerged. The team is often blown away by the amazing things God is doing and there is no lack of vision for where T2R can go from here. 

Currently, T2R is designed to train people of all ages, spotlighting a strong passion for the next generation. Through a series of programs T2R helps people discover their purpose and navigate the road ahead. T2R has a one-on-one mentoring program for those going through the addiction recovery process, helping transition them back into the workplace.

There are coaching programs for startup and existing businesses as well as personal discovery coaching for individuals who desire to enhance their workplace journey. T2R offers a variety of these coaching programs online. Our mandate at T2R is to help people develop a Kingdom mindset, learning to win in the marketplace through influence and training.




Glen was the head pastor of Faith Center Church (now Reign Church in Vancouver, WA) for 40 years, and turned the church over to his son Joel in September 2022. Glen is an expert in bi-vocational ministry with a passion to teach ministry leaders how to have multiple streams of income. Glen has spent his life teaching Biblical success principles. Pastor Glen attended Rhema Bible Training Center and graduated with his ministry degree 1981. He has spoken at numerous Pastor and Leadership Conferences throughout the United States and the Philippines. Pastor Glen has made over 25 visits to the Philippines and feels a real call from God to partner with pastors in the Philippines as well as here in the States. Glen and his wife Theresa are proud of their son, Pastor Joel. Glen loves to golf, ride Harleys and spend time with family and friends. 


Steve Locke


Glen Johnson


Steve Locke was raised by a single mom, held his first job at 10 years old and hired his first employees shortly thereafter. Helping his family make ends meet developed a strong work ethic in Steve, and family, hard work and respect for elders are core values to this day.

Steve’s teenage years were filled with work but also with addiction, and grief from losing his mom in a car accident when he was 18. But thanks to the prayers of others, Steve received Jesus Christ as his personal savior, was radically saved and instantly delivered from drugs and alcohol. His transformation gave him a passion for those suffering from addiction, however his call to ministry hasn’t been traditional. Steve has always felt called to everyday ministry, reaching people where they are, specifically in the workplace. 

Steve and Tiffany have been married since 2012 and live in Oregon with their blended family of five girls ranging from 10 to 30 years old (as of 2023). The family enjoys attending Bible conferences and family events, Tiffany leads women’s Bible study groups and Steve earned an Associates Degree in Theology and is currently in his fifth year of Bible school.  Steve is also a Certified John Maxwell Coach and a Certified John Maxwell Disc Trainer.

Jason was raised on a farm in Wisconsin where life centered around church, lots of family, good food and the Green Bay Packers. He was into all types of sports as a kid and his love of basketball resulted in an athletic scholarship that paid for his university education.

Jason met Vangela in college and they married in 1995. Jason taught middle school, coached basketball, and was assistant principal at Oshkosh Christian School. He was 25 years old when God called him and Vangela into full time youth ministry starting in sunny Southern California in 2003. Jason has been youth, campus, associate, and lead pastor of several congregations over the past 20 years.

He now works with Train 2 Reign in Oregon along with his wife Vangela and as a trainer/culture creator for Locke Buildings. His basketball days have switched over to golf days with friends and family. Jason is also a Certified John Maxwell Coach and a Certified John Maxwell Disc Trainer.

Jason Roeder


Vangela Roeder

Assistant Director

Vangela grew up in Christian family, her parents traveled in a Christian rock n roll band called Amplified Version in the 70s and then they went into full time church ministry.

In high school Vangela was an All American Cheerleader and an All Star Volleyball player.

She loves going to the beach, spending time with family, singing and traveling. Vangela met her husband, Jason, in college at North Central University where she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.

Vangela and Jason were married in 1995 and have four children Hunter, Keaton, Pierce and Precious. They have worked together as a team in youth and adult ministry for over 24 years.