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A Cool Story From the Summit

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We love it when our friends meet our friends, but we also love it when we connect the young people we are mentoring with good, solid businesses. This is a great story!

Train 2 Reign mentors young men at Teen Challenge in Portland, OR. Sam happened to be one of those young men going through the TC program in our area. Sam is a really great guy and he took advantage of everything in the program, as well as our mentoring assistance with Steve and Jason to get sober, strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ, and get back into the workplace. Sam is an incredible photographer/videographer and has worked in Website and Social Media Marketing for several years. When he finished the TC program, he married his fiance, landed a great job with benefits, and stayed connected with T2R for on going mentoring. Sam is doing awesome.

For the Summit, we hired Sam to freelance our videography and social media (check out his work on our pages). One of the amazing entrepreneurial business owners we highlighted was Rudi Pino, CEO of Luna Insurance, whose company had hired Sam just days before the Summit, but Rudi hadn’t met him yet. What a divine connection! It was an excellent example of exactly what we are doing at T2R. Sam is doing super well, Rudi is super happy with Sam’s work and we are super happy to know both of them. Also Rudi is working with Jason Roeder, who is certified as a John Maxwell Trainer on utilizing the Maxwell Method of DISC Behavior with his employees to increase communication and sales growth. We couldn’t have orchestrated it any better!

We love what we do,

The Train 2 Reign Team


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