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Introducing Nadia Teleguz, the newest member of the Train 2 Reign team! She has joined our team for the Summit as a content and thought creator. Nadia has also trained our students in the Design Your Life class on financial literacy. We are looking forward to involving her more in the future and we are very blessed to have her on the T2R team! Her story is inspiring and she has been an outstanding example of a young professional who trained to reign in this life with Christ.

Nadia Teleguz inspires, empowers and leads others by leading herself. After flourishing in the traditional financial environment for over a decade, Nadia was told she would die without emergency brain surgery at the age of 25. Knowing her body was created to be resilient and how she is fearfully and wonderfully made, she turned to the Lord and became anchored in who God created her to be. 

Through her blessing in disguise, Nadia was able to fully recover without brain surgery or a medically induced coma by learning to collaborate with her brain instead of working against it as she placed her trust in the Lord.

Most people never really know what’s working and not working when it comes to their financial health. No surprise, as financial literacy is only required in 12 states and even then, how do you know what you don’t know if you don’t know? Nadia discovered what the wealthy 5% do to protect and grow their net worth and now educates families and business owners how to win with money as an Independent Financial Professional. 

“Remember, you are not here to be like everyone else. Keeping money fun and simple over here!” 

You can meet Nadia and hear her story in person at the next Summit. If you have not registered for the Summit event coming in May, stop right now and do it!


Date: May 25th 2024

Time: 8:45 AM – 4 PM

Location: Reign Church 11608 NE 107th Ave Vancouver, WA 98662

The Summit is free but registration is required

Secure your spot and embark on a journey to success! Tell your friends and Register today at


See you there!

The Train 2 Reign Team


Train 2 Reign is offering free admission to The Summit making it possible for you to come, ready to receive and be blessed. We welcome donations to help cover the costs but please do not feel obligated.


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The New Kid on the Block

Introducing Nadia Teleguz, the newest member of the Train 2 Reign team! She has joined our team for the Summit as a content and thought creator. Nadia has also trained our students in the Design Your...

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